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12.08.2014 till 13.09.2014
"Acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances"

This five week intensive course will help you to dig a solid foundation into your acting, so that you emerge with a clear sense of truth and openness. The core acting module will be over forty hourse of Meisner Technique, practicing the foundational values of all good acting; listening, responding spontaneously to your partner, living truthfully, moment by moment, under the imagined circumstances.

"What you do doesn't depend on you, it depends on what the other actor does to you"

We will work through all Meisner's fundamental exercises, digging their lessons into our acting, and exploring their application to text work. In addition, you will work in voice, movement, casting and camera workshops, taught by a team of internationally renowned tutors, which complement the acting module. The programme will therefore include work on most weekdays during the five weeks, and at least one weekend.

Maximum number of participants for the programme is twenty actors. This acclaimed international course is open to professional actors and newcomers, and will be taught throughout in English and German.  The cost for the full programme is 1850Euro, including tax. There is a discount available for early payment, but payment by instalments is also possible, by arrangement.

It will be possible to opt out of certain modules and so reduce the total fee, but we recommend a full participation as offering best value.


This year we are expanding our range of summer intensive programmes even further, with two workshops for experienced actors who have also already worked with the Meisner Technique and are ready for a further challenge
Two-week Contemporary Acting for Camera - what does it take to be truthful for film?
If an actor is only practical about what “usually happens on set” then all the life goes out of their work, but it is also not true that anything goes, “as long as you feel it”...  Berlinale Prize-winning director Athanasios Karanikolas and Actors-Space founder Mike Bernardin will lead an intensive Two-Week Film Acting Workshop, focusing on practical exercises at the junction between the actor’s inner life and the parameters of the camera and set.
What are the contributions which your own imagination must make, in order to enrich your acting and fill the lens? How precisely should we want
to “repeat” the scene, and when does it matter (and when does it not)? How much preparation and how much improvisation? How to find the clues in the script, and make choices that lift the idea off the page and into the frame.
This fortnight’s work will finish with a three day shoot, and the material will be made available to participants after the workshop is over.
July 7th to 18th, Cost 725€

Ten-Day Shakespeare Rollercoaster - setting the foundations for a happy, reverence-free relationship to the most famous author of all..

After 450 years, Shakespeare’s influence is everywhere to be felt, from the Globe Theatre to House of Cards. Why?

Mike Bernardin and International Voice Coach, Susan Patrick Benson, join forces to lead actors into an intensive exploration of what Shakespeare demands from us and what he offers us. Abandoning the unhelpful reverence which usually cripples actors, we will work with scenes, soliloquys and a range of exciting practical exercises to get your passion flowing. Come and discover why all modern actors should be friends with Shakespeare (even if you never plan to act on a stage!)

July 5th to July 14th, Cost 635€

REGISTER  on: workshop@actors-space.de

Sponsorship of your fees might be available from GVL or the Arbeitsamt, depending on your status. THERE IS ALSO A BILDUNGSPRÄMIE AVAILABLE FROM THE BUNDESMINISTERE für BILDUNG und FORSCHUNG, WHICH WILL PAY 500€ OF THE COST OF THIS WORKSHOP to qualifying German residents.

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